Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chak De India

My eleven year old daughter’s obvious delight was infectious. Ultimate compliment to Yashraj films is now paid: She wants to ditch basketball, that she is pretty good at, and go for hockey. And loves the idea of bashing up the 'bad guys'. At McDonald's no less, her mecca of gourmet food.

Am impressed with Yashraj’s finger on the Indian pulse of today:

  • Pride at firangi lehraoing jhanda
  • Our cultural symbols e.g. we value and respect age, little matter if its incomprehensible to others : The coach of the international team asking, during a match, in frustration: ‘Which one of them is Didi?’
  • Bharat is a word consigned to the history bin. It is 'India' all the way.
  • Girls who at last look endearingly normal and not the Yash-Chopra-filmy looking
  • There is a time and place for romance – and it is not during the ‘winning that is everything’. Same goes for chiffon that gives way to khadi-types sarees.
  • Women stating their wishes and needs – that men are beginning to pay heed to, but it’s a long haul yet… (Indian Men versus Women - Nah, women can't win!)
  • Recognition that Madrasis is a phrase we use to club Telugu+Tamil + Malayalam+ Kannada in one; that we think of those from the North-East as ‘foreigners’; that we have new states like Jharkhand. But then, ultimately, in yashrajese, the North still rules... Punju sounding ‘Chak de’ is the phrase to go with. While some of the girls have been allowed to keep close to their real life names, Sagarika Ghatge becomes Northy Priti Sabarwal.

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