Friday, December 19, 2008

The Year of Living Dangerously

The Year of Living Stupidly...

At every opportunity, people took insane risks in 2008.

Yes, Truly...

Some words picked at random from the issue of Time dated Dec 29 and Jan 5:
(publishing this on Dec 25, '08)

Haunted by killings that haunt him like war crimes; Unaffected emotions of tears; A wrenching, rewarding experience; Self assurance and cool efficiency; An old guy seeking vengeance and redemption; Nastier, Edgier, way easier to anger (re: Clint Eastwood's role in Gran Torino)

Symphonic brilliance; Genius that soured into madness; venomous and bitter seclusion (obit for Bobby Fischer)

Tenuous connection to consensual reality; extremely clever; psychotic brushes with madness (re: Carrie Fisher)

A nuclear-armed nation threatened by Islamic militancy and on the verge of economic collapse (re: Zardari as President of Pakistan)

Somali pirates used to be fishermen before their waters were overfished by foreigners. Now they hijack and hold for ransom... they say: We are living between life and death anyway.

Despite the presence of over 60,000 foreign troops, the country (Afghanistan) has grown more lawless and volatile.

The existential distance that separates people from one another - a distance tried to bridge with words... 'Fiction writing is lonely in a way most people misunderstand. It's really yourself you have to be estranged from, really, to work' (said by David Foster Wallace)

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible (said by Arthur Clarke)

Quieter attributes of constancy and rigour (exemplified by who else but Paul Newman... already and for ever a hero)

When I get angry, i am not a shouter. I find that what is always effective, is just making people feel real guilty. Like 'I am disappointed in you. I expected so much more';
I have a low tolerance of nonsense and turf battles and game playing, and I send that message very clearly;
If I was speaking honestly and truthfully about what i thought my priorities were, then I always thought we had a good chance of winning...
We pledged that whatever happened, we would come out of this whole...
It is important to carve out time to think and not spend your entire day reactive. Because there is always a crisis coming at you.
(all said by Time's Person of the Year Barack Obama)

And through all of these, I continue the search
for meaning...
for myself....
for the future.

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