Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you eat the omelette with the yolk in it?

I have figured out a new way to figure out if we are middle class or upper class in India. That MR agencies have yet to include in their surveys.

Do you eat the eggs with the yolk or without the yolk?

Am always impressed with the celebrities who speak of egg-white omelettes they eat in the mornings as covered in every interview by every newspaper's Sunday editions. (Wonder why what celebrities eat is of such interest to us aam aadmi log?).

What do they do with the egg yolks, I always wonder.... put it in a separate dish? chuck it in the garbage bin? give it to the dog? the maid perhaps? apply it to the hair?

And don't they have moms??

One Sunday early in the day, suitably impressed with the picture on the centrespread of a newspaper and write-up, I attempted to make this omelette. Two egg-whites, carefully removed, going by what those with the great hot bods eat. My mom who happened to be around, was scandalized. Why are you removing the most important part of the egg, she demanded. (For generations, good moms were those who gave the egg-yolk to their children lovingly, and kept the sad egg whites for themselves - of course, we are talking of boiled eggs here, and here I was, thinking of junking the central part altogether... my daughter, as it happens, dislikes eggs, so I couldn't even claim some lofty ideals for myself)

I never did get out of that one. As it happens, ended up eating two omelettes. One with egg-whites, followed by the one with the egg-yellows.

And so.

I am convinced. It would be interesting to see how many households in India would not mind eating only egg-whites, and chucking the yolks altogether. It is not the fancy gaadi we drive, or the cost of the apartment we live in, that indicates our 'class' in India. It is the day we'll eat the yolk-less omelette regularly, with the little pinky up in the air. Only then will we shall graduate to belonging to the middle class se oopar ki class. For that'll mean, not just some wannabe nextgen but the entire family convinced of the need to do the 'white' thing.

THAT is what the DTCs, the Tag Haueurs, Lear Jets and the fancy holiday destination brands need to figure out...



Sonali said...

That was an interesting blog. I tried 'upgrading' to egg-white omelettes a few months ago but could not stand it! In fact, I cannot even eat egg substitutes like 'Egg Beaters'.

Guess I am doomed to remain middle-class and cholesterol-jammed.. :)

p.s: You write really well!

Piyul said...

Thanks, Sonali! Do you also 'blog' anywhere? Piyul

iamsonali said...

No, I don't. But I do post product reviews on mouthshut.com occasionally. You are welcome to read them if you want. My ID there is iamsonali.