Monday, December 1, 2008


There is this belief that Mumbai was caught with 'its pants down' (as Kavita Khanna aptly put it on a CNN program) and one of the ways we know this is that it took at least six to seven ** hours before the elite commandos could fly in from New Delhi, and reach the besieged Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House in Mumbai. (folks have written in correcting my erroneous beliefs - the NSG arrived NINE hours later)

I think we need to do our homework a tad more properly, folks.
There are always enough commandos in Mumbai and Maharashtra already. At all times...

It is just that hey, they are all busy guarding our 'bahut impotent' politicians.
(As you can see, in the picture here, the danger must have been from the dead bodies... even while hundreds were traumatically hostage to terrorists a few miles away).

We saw it again and again and again. Narendra Modi walking up to address a press conference at our Ground Zero, preceded by AK- 47 toting commandos in front of him. even while the need for desperate action was right behind him.

And when R. R. Patil says what is a few lives lost when 5000 could have gone in this 'itne bade shahar'? Listen, we need to pay attention to him. He is SO right...
Think of its implications...

Will someone tell the Narendra Modis, Bal & Raj Thackereys, Vilasrao Deshmukhs, Sharad Pawars, L.K. Advanis, R.R. Patils of this world: had they just let the commandos guarding them, join in the action, what a difference it could have made early on?
when left naked without Z + cover , had they actually lost their lives behind the gates of their fortresses late that night, by that remote one-in-a-million chance, what is a few lives lost, while '5000' get saved, no ?

Leading from the front is to set by example.
Salaskar, Karkare and Kamte have proven it.
Since we aam junta have no Z plus, Z , Y, X or even the basic ABC of security, my question is this
a) when will these junta-ke-pratinidhis learn to breathe the same air, live in the same world that we live in?
b) I was under the impression that this democracy believes every single citizen is equal - the only reason politicians are given Z level cover is because there is a distinct
security threat to the individual.
Here the security threat was
clearly to other individuals. Why was this not recognized???



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