Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Am looking for the full form of AIG

A Amazingly

I Idiotic

G Gadhas

(Gadhas are donkeys. Asses... In Hindi literature, seen as brainless creatures, for some sad reason. Thankfully, the metaphorical meaning is enough for us, even if donkeys, actual ones, bless their innocent souls have never had to AIGGGGH.... pay or take bonuses in their most honorable lives)

A Aise

I Insaani

G Gamblers

A Absolutely

I Instantaneous

G Gains

Any 'acronym'ous full form of this acronym welcome...

send to proact@gmail.com.

Always Invest in Greed...

Asses Insist on Grabbing....

Abe Idhar dekh, Ghanchakkar

Hope to find the 'real' one, one of these days,

Acrimoniously yours,

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