Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Collateral Casualties...

Was reading a scholarly article, by Zygmunt Bauman in relation to Consumption behavior, and was struck by this paragraph - About the fading of the caring-sharing impulse in life, about turning away instead of facing up to life's challenges:

(Quote:) As the skills needed to converse and seek understanding dwindle, what used to be a challenge to be confronted point blank and coped with, turns increasingly into a pretext to break communication, to escape and burn bridges behind.
Rather than intense, sometimes tortuous and painful, but always lengthy and energy-consuming resolutions of mutual apprehensions, this sets in motion a vicious circle: in relationships, one is tempted to avoid confrontations and seek respite or a permanent shelter by turning inwards.

Apt name for the article - Collateral Casualties (of Consumerism).

Bauman is so right about the way we increasingly 'resolve' our crises in our lives - by escaping, by turning inwards. Whereas, to be able to lead fulfilling lives, is such a wonderful challenge. To go out and face life, face its relationships. Same within the home too.

Our socio gang has just put together a delightful rejoinder to the perception that techies have, about those of us in 'humanities'... all this is part of the IIT Bombay Golden Jubilee year celebrations. Once our charts and comic strip is on display at the campus, shall upload it here also :-)

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