Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bade Ghar Ke Bete... Why I have No Issues with Abhinav's Rich Background

All my friends, quite a few in the media - are talking about Abhinav winning the Gold Medal in a shooting event at the Beijing Olympics - simply because he had a dad who could afford to give him the best of the best training. A sort of scorn for the State, yet tinged with pride.

Look at these two pictures - see the similarity?
Both are Bade Ghar ke Bete... Scions of wealthy parents.

All I say is this :
Better for the nextgen of the 'haves' to be shooting in the Olympics, than at the hapless Jessica Lalls,
here in India.

We have hundreds - perhaps thousands of very well-to-do indulgent Indian parents out there. Who will do anything for their children.

Well - may they all learn a thing or two, from the Bindras - Apjit and Babli rather than from the Sharmas - Vinod and whatever, who were ready to cover the tracks of son Manu Sharma - pictured here at right, in his shortlived 'acquittal' in 2006. For the murder of Jessical Lall, in 1999, with so many witnesses who were then arm-twisted. Justice has since prevailed, and he is serving Life Imprisonment.

Unfortunately, the truth is this: Each of us can list at least six families - those in the media - the celebrities and politicians, or even in own circle friends or society, where there is a higher probability of parental 'cover-up' tactics rather than the patient year-in-year-out training, as seen with Abhinav. So, for sure, he has an Olympic size back up system at home.

Better a training ground at home, international coach, than a Mercedes or a BMW. And dad's unlimited political clout.

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