Friday, November 14, 2008

Degrees of Separation - from Barack Obama

I voted too. I mean... I am not an American citizen.

But in the year 2008 when has that been a deterrent in voting during the American elections?
Three different sites asked me to do so online. And in my choice, I have joined hands with almost everyone around the world, who voted for Our Man.

All that is - barring a majority of poor sods in the states of Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, and suchlike. The international countries that chose McCain in the online electoral plumping were Cuba, Congo and Algeria...

See the trend? Nebraska, Congo, Utah, Algeria, Idaho... These are names that pass you by in the usual course of life. Folks living at these places sure have plenty of catching up to do on the planet we live in. As the world hurtles towards a plural and more encompassing future. And these places run the risk of imploding or falling off the map.

Going by reports across magazines, almost everyone around the world is connected to the President-Elect in some way... it is all about apna Obama. Our Obama. From Kenya to Indonesia, to Hawaii, to Chicago. Canada to Georgia (the other one!), South Korea to Argentina. Our own guy who's now going to be at the White House. And animated discussions on his looks - he looks so much like one of us'.... wonder what will he do with the 132 rooms there (get the drift? An invite almost coming up :-) ) ... and so on and so forth.

And I have reason you see, to be part of the clan who can speculate about this particular 'one of us'. My linkedin profile tells me I am three degrees separated from President-Elect Obama. Which means I know somebody who knows somebody, who actually knows Barack Obama personally.

And imagine that! He really is on linkedin - that modern and hip bastion of the corporate world! See? He is less a politician and more 'one of US'.

But here's the catch. I am already feeling a trifle left out.
Everyone is animatedly discussing 'Barack' nowadays (did you ever call the earlier chaps George or Bill or Jimmy??) - three degrees of separation is already two degrees too many.

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