Friday, December 12, 2008


Nights of Terror at Mumbai - we have not forgotten you.
But just sometimes, we need to take a breather. Thing is, my bheja is on strike.

While negotiations continue between body and mind, here's a rerun, for the show to go on...
Of a 15 month old blog. Of why I believed Ram Gopal Varma's AAG was a success.

Back in September 2007, this is what I said:

Let me theorize without ever having seen the movie (and God forbid, ever having to see it), that RGV who I’ve never met (and God forbid... ), has always been made out to be this supercilious and arrogant son-of-a-gun who ignores every single tangible individual in his life - his sister, his actresses & actors, and the media goes adoringly hysterical about a guy who is so atypical of the cultural norms of seeking social reassurance.

Well, once in a while, it is within the realms of this new quasi-reality that the director must get his diabolical come-uppance from those who actively partake of his life, so freely supplied, as much as his movies, that one buys tickets for.

Prophetic, kya? peace disclaimer: brain on strike...

Talking of prophetic visions, here's my nephew in law Vikram Nandwani, in point blank, back on September 15th, 2008

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