Sunday, May 24, 2009

If This Is A Reality Show, Keep 'em Coming !

Click to see this halt-in-tracks dance --> : Antwerp Station - 23rd March 2009

There are plenty of youtube links to this spontaneous display by 200 'passengers'. Created by a Belgian channel, as part of their search for Maria to play the lead in the new remixed and upcoming 'Sound of Music'. (Apparently choreographed by Ijvi Hagelstein)...

With more than 8 million hits across the youtube uploads - in less than 2 months, what is spectacular is the range of more than 15000 comments from across the world.... Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, US, UK, India.... Apart from the 'surreal', 'superb', goosebumps, 'fantabulous', 'phenomena;', 'charming' 'brilliant' 'incredible' 'inspirational' superlatives, here is a sample of some other comments :
Awesome. Makes me wonder if even ten percent of military expenditures
were re-directed towards organizing and funding random Arts such as
that what kind of world we’d have now.
The world needs MORE senseless acts of random beauty like this....
war, death, famine, aids, recession, depression.. hey what's that dancing mob doing over there? whooohooo!!
I dare anyone to watch this and not smile..or even laugh out loud...
As long as humanity (or at least part of it) is still capable of this kind of creativity and positivity (even if it, apparantly, is for commercial reasons in this case), living still has a purpose.
Makes me proud to be human:)!
I bet there were a lot of happier people at the offices that morning. Marvelous!!!! Pass the tissue.....
the way the world is today. It's a reminder to celebrate what we have.
How wonderful the human race is. In spite of all the turmoil, we can still dance. Negativity will never take away the joy of life and these wonderful dancers have proved that. Thank you soooo much. LU!!
one more time; this seriously keeps a drowning man alive. thank you for another breath and another day. this video has become like oxygen to me.
for regular people do not behave that way, ... but perhaps, they should, and we would live in a slightly better place =)
If every city did this every day, it would change the world. Perhaps it already has. What joy!
If you don't smile watching this you have no heart. Wonderful
how in the world was this pulled off?
By the way,the remix of the song just made it better....I guess I've watched this video nearly 100 times so far and every time I find little details that I didn't notice before....It's such uplifting video...Wish others vids were like that...Theres so much BS vids in youtube..
damn talk about breaking into a song and dance. I thought this only happens in movies lol
This is what I was looking for. So peaceful. I hope whole world will dance like this soon. We just have to start.....
this never happened... its photoshopped..
it makes such a refreshing change to see something like this. these days the internet is too full of "serious" stories when this is just uplifting! well done all!
it's funny how a very simple act of cooperation in an unexpected setting is that amazing and touching. i wish people could act like this in more aspects of life.
i love watching the look on ppls faces who are not participating. This is a fantastic way of cheering everyone up when the world is so rotten!!
We should have more of this around the world!
I am so thankful that there are people in this world willing to give of their talent and time to make others happy. I loved the response from the unsuspecting audience.
If the entire world followed this path, am certain there would be fewer wars.
there's hope for the species after all!
Life is made of little things,
Because there's nothing any bigger!

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