Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amboli - A Spiritual Getaway

Recently visited this non-touristy forest classified district of Amboli at the Maharashtra-Goa border.

Our world hurtles forward and we witness a telescoping of destruction of the natural habitat. Any such dense pocket of green yet untouched by the greedy hands of developers is like a sudden delightful treasure trove discovered.

Thanks to Swami Chidananda of Krishnamurthy Foundation, Rajghat Varanasi, I attended the camp on 'Atmabodha'.

Absolutely loved it and hope to go back again and again. To the area. To Vedanta. To Swami Chidananda's presence.
Even more serendipitous was my emotion when the ashram hosting the retreat turned out to be part of Swami Dayananda Educational Trust.

Sw Dayananda, a presence from childhood - same as Swami Chinmayananda, at the Powai Sandeepany Ashram.

All these illustrious seers - Sw. C, D and C - and their sheer reach of intellect - privileged indeed to have overlapped and shared the planet with each of them.

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