Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bakhtin and Blogging

He would hate blogging for sure.

Mikhail Bakhtin, that great thinker who died unheard in 1975, believed in the 'naked immediacy of experience' - the molten lava of events as it happens. Not the symbolic representation of one's own experiences as a blog can at best capture. So.

I am in tune with his perspective.

How can the abstract 'word' in a blog capture the centrality of everyday life? Why even try to eliminate the complexity of the everyday world?

Look at the ipod (or its predecessors, the walkmans). Makes the individual into an isolated disembodied spirit- almost a ghostly, illusory reflection of the 'self'. Living in this world yet not in it, living in a bubble of oneself's point of view. The 'i' of oneself is omnipotent in this worldview. 'i' will talk to you, 'i' will listen to you.

The 'i'... it is like its maths abstract representation. The square root of minus one. Unreal. Not existent.

Give me the dynamic, restless creativity of the human being any time, ... the solipsistic world of the blogger is a bit bothersome. Where the dialogic direction is so formalised and disengaged.

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