Thursday, June 7, 2007

My friends Boil, Y2k and Raping... Why do cell phones not spell Anil?

India is one of the largest cell phone markets in the world. Makers are bending over backwards to gain a share of this large humungous pie.

All want to ensure how to make the customers happy. All interested to know what makes this fasttrack consumer tick...

Yet, why is it that no one bothers to find out the most common names in this billion plus country? While texting messages, I can spell all names prevalent in the West, using predictive text, such as say, Jonathan or Mariana.

And there must be a few thousands of Jonathans and Marianas in India, for sure, in our so very plural country.

Even the one single George Bush or Tony Blair get spelt very easily using predictive text. But try Anil. Here is a guy who is aware that he shares his name with at least a million others. But the poor chap, he is always reduced to 'Boil' on the sms. Alternating with 'Coil.

Raping happens to be Rashmi, and doesn't she hate it!

Zal is Y2k. OK, so he has a rather unusual name, but you get the drift...


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Anonymous said...

Phobia = Shobha
And 'Cola?' is Anjali
Lunar is Kumar